Ordering your borrower's property appraisal in a timely manner helps ensure loan processing continues as expected to meet your agreed-upon closing date.

Please note that the cost of a completed appraisal is a non-refundable fee.  In the event the loan closes, the appraisal fee will be credited towards the borrower's final closing costs at loan closing and settlement.  Prior to the order being placed with an appraiser, SWBC Mortgage requires payment to be received from the borrower. 

By clicking "Order Appraisal", you are acknowledging you have provided the borrower with the initial Truth-in-Lending disclosure and have received the borrower's intent to proceed with the loan application, and the borrower has signed and returned the required loan disclosures to SWBC Mortgage Corporation.




Loans are subject to credit and property approval; other guidelines may apply.

  Payment of appraisal fee does not imply loan approval.